About Us

Seraph Aviation Group is a global leader in aviation asset management and investment. We offer a unique blend of Aircraft Management services and Capital Markets expertise powered by proprietary state-of-the-art technology.

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At a glance

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How we do business



  • We do not compete with our customers
  • We manage bespoke investment strategies for our investors
  • We have a strong and transparent conflict policy


  • Our management group has an average experience of c. 20 years, managing through numerous industry cycles
  • Strong relationships with airlines, investors, financiers, appraisers and other lessors


  • High standard of KYC and anti-money laundering procedures
  • Regular review of international sanctions
  • Regulated by the Irish Department of Justice

Leadership Team

Kathleen Wong
David Butler
CEO Seraph Aviation Group
Maya Sanders
Denis Casey
CFO Seraph Aviation Group
Andrew Price
Eugene O'Reilly
CEO Aviation Services
Anil Bhaktar
Catherine Power
General Legal Counsel
Anil Bhaktar
Scott Corman
CEO Capital Management
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